Sunday, July 23, 2017


A big thanks to The Broadway Cyclery in Bedford, OH, for selling me one of their SideCar floor models for my Xtracycle. I've been able to carry all kinds of dumb loads on my bike this summer.

The sidecar takes a bit of getting used to -- especially while turning -- but so far I've managed not to smash it into the curb, which is my #1 goal.

Good times.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

KAP time!

Finally made a Picavet camera rig for my rok. It generally pointed the camera in the right direction, so I mark it a success.
Here we are up on a glade at Lake of the Ozarks State Park:

Wind was squirrely. Had to run through a rock field to get some height. Probably not the best idea, in hindsight. Here I am not killing myself:

And then it started to rain a li'l bit...

But, not bad for a first go.
Here's what the Picavet cross looks like. It more or less keeps the camera level and pointed in one direction. I'm using my friend's Hero2:

Got some fishing tackle to clip it to the line. This is a continuous line of spectra on the cross to limit friction. I have it cinched with rubber bands (pink) under the swivels to limit side-to-side tilt.

Just plywood and eyelets -- and a bolt.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sewing awl

Working on a simple li'l sewing awl design for fun. First one turned out pretty well.

Next to my trusty C.A. Myers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New table

Got some router practice in and made a table for my Sailrite Pro (Consew 146RB clone) a li'l while back. Time for some zigzags.

It had been so long since I had this set up on a proper table, that I forgot I had a knee lift for the thing! Ha.

135x17 vs 134-35

In case you were wondering, this is the difference between the 135x17 (top) and 134-35 needle systems.

Dumbly had a 135x17 in my Pfaff 335, which takes the 134-35. It will sew, but not happily.

Consew 207

Back in December I made an impulse buy on the eBay and now I have a Consew 207 darning machine. It's a copy of the Singer 47w70 -- a machine you often see in haute denim shops. In my excitement, I failed to notice that the machine was missing the base (who knows where it came from and what they were doing with it...). So, this is what it looks like when you've run out of table space (mounted on my Singer 20U table) and you have a cylinder-bed machine w/o a base:

 Kinda silly, but it works.

Gonna take some practice to get good. The machine uses a somewhat-obscure 126x3 needle system (no scarf!). Fortunately, Universal Sewing has them on their website (special order) in sizes 14 & 18. It came with an 18, which is too big for the thread I'm using. I have some 14s coming.

The Singers often have the darning cone end-cover thing on 'em, which makes controlling the fabric easier. Need to figure out how to cobble one together.

Wallets & more wallets

I made a bunch of wallets for the Berlin Bazaar back in September. You can pick one up at Maude Vintage, downtown CoMo.