Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skewer bag

Just made a quick bag for my barbecue skewers. I got some new (to me) fabric I'm testing out: a 300d polyester (coated on one side). It's called Odyssey and is from the same company that makes the acrylic-coated poly that I use for my bag liners. This is lighter and has a nicer hand feel. If it holds up well, I look forward to using it more. You can get it from Rochford.

I like to put my male snaps on a bridge so you can close the snap without putting pressure on the bag. (I used a piece of leather here.) I see so many designs where you have to press into the bag to close the flap. That's not good for your Twinkies.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Finally made some more wallets for Maude Vintage, downtown CoMo.
These also make nice little accessory pouches since they close up. People use them to carry thumb drives, bike parts, lady products and, of course, change.
I've been working on some designs that have a bill pocket, since that's what people want, I guess. Tried some designs with leather but fell back to a design I made a few years ago. I'd never been that pleased with it since the extra layer bulked up the seams too much, but I've been working with difference combinations of lighter fabric and I'm liking it better.
This one's 500d Cordura nylon.
The bill pocket wraps around the front to make another card pocket. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I just made a handful of large rough totes for my underhouse excavation project. These will be used for haulin' crawlspace dirt.

They're made outta 22oz vinyl-coated polyester. A lot of bagmakers use this as their liner material, but I much prefer acrylic-coated polyester, as it doesn't stink as much and is easier to work with (isn't as sticky). But VCP fit the bill for this project, given its stiffness, toughness and relative cheapness. The grey handles are folded seat belt webbing. Bottom dump handles are regular ol' one-inch nylon webbing.

Good times.

Leif Labs abroad

My friend was in Costa Rica recently, looking at soy beans. He snapped this photo of his waxed bag.
Thanks, Dennis!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


My first project of 2014: a bed for my friend Gus. 40x24x8.5". 1680d ballistic nylon.

The bed is made of one piece of fabric (about two yards). There's a seam underneath with a Velcro opening, two side seams, and the corner seams. Real easy to make.
It's filled with an old memory foam mattress top folded to size. I've heard that old clothes make a good dog-bed filler, too.
The bed is fairly airtight so adding some grommets might be in the future. Apparently it's pretty loud when he jumps on it.
Thanks, Ben, for the great photo.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fidlock buckles

I just received a sample pack of super-cool magnetic buckles from Fidlock in Hannover, Germany. Stay tuned for an overview of what I received. Looking forward to testing these out.

Servo motor

I buy things on eBay every once in a while, and for the most part everything is just as it's describe. Though, sometimes items are a bit disappointing — like receiving a "new" DVD that's been re-wrapped or a softcover book that had been described as hardcover. But then there are times when the purchase has exceeded all expectations, like with this motor I (finally) bought for my Consew 104.
I thought I was ordering a plain-ass white servo motor with a 70mm pulley from Nick-O Sewing's eBay store. Now, I have like five white servo motors already (boring), and a 70mm pulley is bigger than I generally like, but this motor was so inexpensive it'd still be a helluva deal to buy it and a $10 2" pulley, so imagine my happy surprise when I opened the box to find a Darth Vader-black motor with a 55mm pulley. Thanks, Nick-O!

I like how the on/off switch is separate from the motor and can now be put at the edge of the table. Why the hell didn't they start doing that from the beginning!
Now to build that sewing machine table...