Friday, May 27, 2016

Cruisies redux

Redesigned the cruisie with mass production in mind and smashed out a few for the Pedaler's Jamboree, this weekend. You can pick one up at Estelle Sewing, in Boonville. (There may be a few at Maude V, downtown CoMo, too.)

Most of these are Top Gun poly acrylic on the outside and Sunbrella acrylic on the inside. I'm done making these outta Cordura nylon -- it fades too much (if you commute every day and park your bike outside).

Simplified the strapping ... and in doing so created a loop for additional mounting options. Take it off your bike and wear it on yer belt, if you want. Go ahead.

Sewing most of it while it's flat and then felling the side seam with the post-bed machine. Turned out pretty good. Need to do another twenty (and lower the table three inches) before I'm really good. :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Li'l Wild Library

Well, after three years, we finally got the li'l lending brary put in thee old shingle oak stump.

All kinds of books!

Turns out carving aged oak is a real mother. I tried a lot of dumb techniques, like drilling, chiseling, and sledge-wedging until I got an angle grinder with a tiny chainsaw blade (from King Arthur's Tools). This thing is rad. It still took forever, but it was easier. And now I can make, like, totem bear art or something.


 Jenny designed a stamp, painted the thing, and picked out all the books.

If you're in the hood, let us know what you'd like to read at wild.brary [at] g mail.

 So long, old tree. Hope you like being a little library.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rekkid totes

Made some Hitt Rexxx totes for Record Store Day outta unwashed 14oz Cone denim and mil-spec cotton webbing.

Hitt Records moved to their new space (downstairs) last week:

Record Store Day rooftop fun.

Busted out the Consew 104 (Japanese clone of Singer 114w103) for some chainstitching fun:


Boy, how I am missing the Yahoo! chainstitch group. There was so much good stuff on there and one day last year it just blew off into the ether. So it goes.

If any old-timers want to start a thread on the sewing machine forum, those guys are more than welcoming to all kinds of industrial sewing machine talk. And it'll be far more stable than a Yahoo group. Please. Just think of the special kinship western wear and leatherwork have.

Anyway, I'm getting some wonky chain stitches sometimes, as you can see. Note, I have done zero adjusting on this machine, aside from loosening the foot tension (which was cranked all the way down when I got it). It seems to do this only at a certain angle ... but I need to put some more hours into this machine before I can really say ... so many more hours.

More totes to come. Gonna tweak the pattern a bit and hopefully try my hand at dyeing the handles. Smashed these out real fast. Typical.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

True/False totes

Just finished forty tote bags outta some old banners for the True/False Film Fest. They go on sale tomorrow at the T/F box office.

That's a messa totes.

I got two totes per banner. Then I made 10 frankentotes with the scraps.

Some of these have pockets inside.
This is what most of the totes look like.

New banners are flying. Someone else can turn these into totes in ten years. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jenny's backpack

Just made a li'l backpack. It's about 12x12 and 4 inches thick. Usual stuff: 1000d Cordura and acrylic-coated poly.

 Trying out a simple one-piece zip pocket.

I did end up adding a sternum strap.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Fixing some blown-out belt loops.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The bag came back

Some dickhole(s) stole my friend's bag out of his car this summer. It was just found in a nearby park. This is what it looked like after sitting outside for five months. Full of water and spiders, but not that bad. It's back in action.