Saturday, August 1, 2015

Straight Grain Studio

There's a new sewing cafe in the neighborhood (espresso bar coming soon) offering classes, alterations, and more. If you're in the Mid-Mo area, check it out!

 Paris & Mt Vernon.

Machines to rent by the hour.

Tiny serger!

Draping class.

Things to come

Another sewing machine? Sure, why not?

Knight Rider

Been really digging my NiteRider light, though the rubber band that holds it to the bike broke in the first month. No surprise as that's what all the reviews warn of. Been using a piece of bike tube instead. So far so good.

Leather pouch

I made a zippered hip pouch from leather harvested from an old couch. My camera broke but, weirdly enough, it can still shoot video, so here ya go.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Things to come

Another machine? Why not!

Hoop haus

1: My mom makes paper, which is a wet, messy process best done outside. Her cheap-ass canopy bit the dust last year, so she's looking for a replacement to stay outta the mulberry rain (and regular rain).
2: There are two dog kennels in the backyard collecting honeysuckle bushes.
3. The old-ass truck in the side yard is a warren of mosquito sex and sadness.

Solution: Build a 25-foot hoop house outta the dog kennels and cover everything up.

The dog kennels were made out of fence top rails. There weren't quite enough, so I picked up four more at the big box store, plus a dozen couplers.
I bent the tubing with my friend's HF pipe bender. Each hoop is three pieces: two sides with a bend in each, and an arch. I drove rebar into the ground to hold the hoops into place. I had enough kennel hardware to bolt everything together (luckily). And the canopy is a plastic tarp.
We'll see how she holds up.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

David's backpack

Looks like I hadn't forgot how to make bags after all...
14-inch backpack. Waxed cotton uppers, Cordura lowers, acrylic-coated poly inners.

 David likes red.
 Added a divider in the zip pocket ... I spend way too much time digging for crap in my bag.
 Expanded the pen pockets: two 8-inch deep, two 5-inchers.

 Zippers so bright.
Wedge bottom.