Thursday, July 19, 2007


15x12x5—7/07—Cordura & Top Gun acrylic-coated polyester
So here's a more simple musette--no outside pockets. And I made the flap shorter so I could eliminate the seam on the bottom. Now the bag looks a lot cleaner. And there's still enough room on the flap for artwork. On my next bag I think I'm going to shorten the flap still—so you can pull the corners closed more. Like, tight.

I'd like to offer a bag without a shoulder pad, 'cause, you know, making shoulder pads takes me a while...but maybe I'm just really slow. So I'd like to have a more inexpensive bag available...but not if it's going to be uncomfortable—because luxury is what we're shootin for here at Leif Labs. No rashes, no boils, no poky things. Anyway...hopefully this'll meet my comfort criterion. Otherwise, every bag's gettin a pad.

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