Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strap Pouches

I'm not a big fan of tiny strap pouches...but, you know, some people whatever... Man, I suck at making a good square corner (or kinda sqare) with grosgrain. It's hard. I don't know how wallet-makers do it.

This is pretty much the only place I use Velcro. Makes it easy to put on the strap. Yeah.

Leif Labs! Woo!


Unknown said...

hi, what type of webbing you use?

in the UK, i can only get hold of polypro and they are too soft and just tad too thick for my liking. i use 25mm for my straps. nylon straps are next to impossible to acquire here ;(

nice bags though. keep it up

cory said...

oh yeah, polypro sucks a lot of... I'm surprised when I see bagsmiths using it...yee.
Anyway, I use a 1" flatweave nylon webbing for most of my flaps 'n' stuff...and 2" seatbelt webbing for my main straps...acquired at OWF inc. & Perfect Fit Mac.
Someone has to have it in the UK...look at camping, climbing, boating, skydiving, or military suppliers. Though, with the quality of the dollar these days, it might be cheaper to order it from the States. Ha. [cory]