Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here are some prizes I made for the 6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships in Dayton, Ohio. Columbia sent a team up...but I didn't go 'cause I was in Austin. So it goes.
These're the first prize bags I've ever made and I think they turned out pretty well.

This is about as detailed as I get when It comes to appliqueing. My zigzag machine's just way too clunky. It probably doesn't help that I use N92 thread to do it. Ha. I'd probably need a machine from the 20u family if I wanted to do anything finer...but I don't really care to. Ha.

These are 22inchers, 22x14, 15x7 bottom.
This blue/silver colorway reminds me of a pair of underwear I had when I was a kid. Ha.

Hip packs. So convenient. I just got back from a trip where I used my hip pack every day. You'd be surprised by how much crap you can stuff into one of these. They measure 9x5x2.

Wallets, too! Boy oh boy.

And buttons! I have a button maker from Badge Parts, in Wisconsin. They make the best button makers, hands down.

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