Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cover That Up!

Prototyping a laptop sleeve...
This is for a 13" MacBook. The outside dimensions come to about 14x10x2".
Cordura nylon, untreated Sunbrella acrylic, and some 1/2" foam.
Looks pretty sharp from this side...but...
Now it kinda looks like a bourgie goth handbag. Haha... Anyway, those are elastic-topped 3D pockets for your wires and other bits. Pretty snazz.


This is what the foam looks like. It's 1/2 camp pad foam. The foam liner is made of three pieces: one big piece that wraps around the whole computer from the bottom up and two skinny pieces on the ends. The end pieces kind of float within the sleeve. This way they can overlap with the main piece and prevent any gaps from forming...ideally. The shell should be tight enough around the foam to keep them in place. And because of the way the liner folds within the sleeve, there's also an extra layer of fabric on the sides for super ding protection.
We'll see how this holds up.

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