Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Wallet/Random Stuff

I've been working on a card wallet with my friend Diego, and it's starting to look pretty sweet.
Bike tube pockets.
Acrylic-coated polyester outside.

Sewing table pockets!
This should've been the first thing I ever sewed. Ha.
And one for my cutting table.

Drilling stuff!
Another thing I should've done a long time ago...
I found a hand auger at my girlfriend' I made a hole for my machine rest peg (or whatever that thing is called). I think it was a 5/8" bit. In any case, it fit perfectly. I used a spade bit the same size for my 20u table and it was a little big. I had to shim it with cardboard. Nuts.

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Unknown said...

Dear Cory,

I think that your blog is superb. Please post lots.


P.S. soldering is easier than sewing.