Sunday, October 5, 2014

17-inch shoulder bag

Working on some new build techniques and testing out some new buckles.
I'm trying to design a bag that's a li'l easier to sew but without any major compromises in function or durability. I think I'm off to a good start.

Trying out some magnetic buckles from Fidlock. They slide to open. See them in motion here. The magnets are pretty strong, so sometimes you can just get 'em nearby and they'll close on their own -- just like magic. Opening them with my left hand is still a little awkward, but I'm sure I'll master it soon.

On the shoulder strap I have the new GT Cobra from ITW and AustriAlpin, which is a plastic version of AA's classic aluminum buckle. Bomber. The slider mechanism is spring loaded, which keeps the slippery seat belt webbing in place. My next test bag will use ITW's new GTSR buckle, which also utilizes this feature.

The usual two-part front pocket, zippered and open, with pen pocket. This is acrylic-coated poly, like the liner.

Cleaner corner.

Floating liner.

Reinforcement webbing on the acute stitch angle.

Usual one-piece construction.

Trying out a curved seam on the bottom here. This makes the corners less pointy and should make them less prone to damage. The green fabric is cotton duck so this got a ballistic half boot. Looks pretty good, I think.

This looks a bit cluttered. I think the tape should probably go under the boot.

Tied a li'l button knot for the zipper pull. Super cute.


Cindy said...

Glad to see you posting more often. Love your work. Hope you'll consider producing patterns and or writing a book someday!153

Dan said...

Love all the new details and experiments! Curious where you're sourcing those fancy new buckles. Samples from the manufacturer or have you found a supplier?

cory said...

Thanks, Dan!
The Cobras should now be available from any ITW dealer (or eBay). ITW was nice enough to provide me with some samples.
The Fidlocks: I ordered a sample pack from Germany. Last time I checked there wasn't a US distributor.

Dan said...

Awesome, thanks for the info. Looking forward to hearing how the design changes turn out!

SB said...

Wow, are you really paying $20 each on the cobra's? Not so bad if it's a personal project but that adds a big overhead for a customer bag.

cory said...

Newp. These were free samples from ITW. $20 is the retail price. If I were to use these frequently I'd get 'em at the bulk price (of I haven't looked yet). And, duh.