Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Singer 201

Maude Vintage gave me a beautiful Centennial 201 this summer. Thanks, Sabrina!

201-2 subclass = potted motor.

 Needle range of 9 to 21. Not bad, 201. Not bad.

Housed in a cool Art Deco cabinet with awesome spring-out foot pedal and table support.

The insulation was falling off the original wiring, so I had to replace it. Not too hard: just measure the new wire with the old wire and remember where everything goes.

Here's where the power cord plugs into the motor/light/pedal wires. The original wiring had nice little terminal eyelets. I soldered the new loops a bit so they'd keep their shape.


The new insulation was quite a bit thicker and stiffer than the original. Had to trim it down to fit.

 Recently got a really sweet automatic wire stripper, btw. :)

Foot control cover.

The hardest part was getting the drawers out to access the old wiring. There's stop/lock tab there on the left, next to the rail, that you can open with a paint stick or long slotted screwdriver.

Lock it down.

Machine-lift assist, and a bracket for a bottle of oil down there on the right.

This machine is great a sewing lightweight material. So far, I've used it to make a mess of bug bags for a local lab and sew a pocket back on some pants.

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