Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Been sharpening my pants-patching skills lately. Behold!

Total weft failure on these Levi's ... never seen this before...

Laying the first stitches, just to hold everything together.

For large or weird-shaped rips, I've been using the lightest interfacing I could find to hold the hole together. I'm curious to see how this breaks in. If it gets weird, I guess I can try the water-soluble stuff.

Working on a better horn than this cardboard one. I'll let you know how it turns out in a year or two. :)

Here you can see the iron-on interfacing and stitches. Since this rip went up into the fly junk where it was too thick for the machine, I had to finish it by hand.

Not bad. We'll see how this indigo thread looks after a wash.

More crotches:
What bike-riding does to fancy jeans.

Consew magic ... not color corrected. :)

Tried a couple different bobbin shades.

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