Saturday, April 25, 2009

SquareBuilt Lance

Here's a backpack I made for Lance at SquareBuilt Bicycles in New York. (Check 'em out--great custom hand-built cycles.)
You can strap a bike frame to it and carry a shitload of whatever you want.
This is probably the biggest backpack I've ever made...or at least the heaviest...I think my backpacking bag was probably a bit bigger...
This bag tested the very limits of my sewing machine. Yikes.
The main compartment measures 18x16x11.

Action shots coming soon.

This is a new strap design from me. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Pads are 2.5 inches wide and half-an-inch thick.

Oh, where am I going to put this fork?

Oh, that's right, in the secret fork pocket. Ha.

Carry your guitar, if you like.


Sarah Nahm said...

this is awesome! i have been struggling with the pannier-backpack transformation for a while and i pretty much gave up on finding something that would serve as a good backpack.

btw, your blog is great. i've been making bags for about a year and only found this recently. good to see other peoples' designs out there.

cory said...

Thanks! Glad you like it.