Friday, June 12, 2009

Tiny Waxy Pouch

Here's a small hip pouch I just made out of some mystery waxed cotton that Waxwear sent me instead of the #10 canvas I ordered. I think it's something like a 8oz nylon-cotton fabric but I'm not sure.
So this is a no-binding design, which is kinda fun. If someone wants to know the secrets of this type of pattern, I can write up a little instruction post. Lemme know. This type of pouch is real good for cell phone pouches 'n' stuff.

You have to have a seam at the bottom of the pack if you want it to look neat at the corners where the flap folds...unless you know black magic or something.



Amorrina said...

i would be stoked to get the pattern for this!

cory said...

Sure thing. I'll have it up in a day or so.

cory said...

Here's how it's made!

Have fun!