Friday, September 18, 2009

Small Things

Takin' a break from pack-building to make some small things for Maude Vintage (downtown CoMo).
Hip pack!
1000d Cordura, acrylic-coated poly. ~9x5x2".

Super simple...the way I like it.
I'm gonna start putting a third loop in the middle there. Sometimes, if you're wearing a pack on a belt that's not in your pants it can kinda bunch up when it's full. Not that big of a deal, but this should fix it.

Some people don't like to fold their paper monies...or stick 'em in the coin this is what I've got. I've made one like this before (it's in Holland right now), but no more...till now. Though, you probably won't see any more exactly like this. I think there's too much fabric on the left side. I think next time I'll just sew a strip in the middle, instead of putting it in the seam. That probably doesn't make much sense to you...but I'm kinda tired and don't feel like fixing that sentence. You'll just have to wait till I make one. Ha.
Put yer bills here.
What a rude cat. Gawd.


Harrison M said...

Do you have a store?

cory said...

I don't have a store, but I am currently taking orders for wallets & hip packs. If you use PayPal.
I think I have most of the colors available listed here:
And I have silver, black, red, and OD green binding.
20 bucks for the pack + 6 for the belt + S&H.
I'm not taking orders for courier bags or anything super custom, though. I'm hella busy at the moment.
E-mail me at if you're interested, and we can work out the details.