Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One More T/F Bag

Just made my own T/F bag...and a new pattern. 15x11.5", 3.5x11.5" bottom.
#8 cotton duck, 1000d Cordura nylon.
Read about the True/False Film Festival here.
I used a test run of the logo as a patch.
In hindsight, I should've kept the front all black. Plus this grosgrain is the softest I've ever used and has no fold memory whatsoever...so it's a real mother to work with (without a binding tool).
Anyway...this bag is expandable and it has a floating liner.
And this bag will have a cross strap (I just haven't made it yet).


Phil said...

Nice. How do you do such clean 45 degree angles with the grosgrain?

cory said...

Thanks, Phil.
A lot of practice. I still don't consider myself very good at this (though it was especially hard with this soft-ass gg). It helps to crease the ribbon first, and then hope it all falls into place.