Monday, March 1, 2010

True/False a Go Go

Well, the True/False Film Fest is over and I don't think I've ever watched so many movies in three days (this was my first time with a pass), and it was a blast.
I initially planned on taking pictures of people wearing my bags...but in the end thought that was probably kinda weird, if not creepy (or maybe I just couldn't get my camera out fast enough), so I just took some random photos of the fest instead.

There were so many movies I had a hard time narrowing my selection.

One of the fest's many fine buskers (at the Blue Note). They make T/F really great.
Missouri Theatre.
Fishbowl dioramas from the Maude Vintage folks (at the box office).
The Mirror (which I didn't see, but wanted to).
A wall of tiny stories (also at the box office).
Chad, one of the many swell volunteers at the fest.
We've got Teletubbies!
Parade time!
Whew! the MU Drumline showed up. It's not a parade without a drumline.

COMO polo parading.
Birch trees at the Forrest Theater in the Tiger Hotel. Probably my favorite theater. This is before Cowboys in India...or Disorder.
Lisa, you forgot your Red Bull in this alley.
Busker in front of the Blue Note.
Waiting to get into the MoT. It was pretty cold and I didn't wear enough clothes on Friday. Nuts.

I'm pretty neurotic when it comes to watching movies, so I don't enjoy being distracted by bright little lights in front of me while I watch a film (or people crinkling plastic behind my head). That means the iPhone has pretty much ruined movies for me. Ha.
Though, I was glad to see that most people kept their phones in their pockets most of the time. I was in the MoT balcony last year for T/F watching Waltz with Bashir and below me looked like an effing will-o'-the-wisp party.
[Of course, this photo is before the film. Hey, Bill!]
Karinne Keithley (I believe) at the Blue Note before And Everything is Going Fine. She was probably my favorite busker.
Spalding Gray's wife, brother, & Peter Schneider (producer of Waking Sleeping Beauty) after And Everything is Going Fine.
The most intense drummer at the festival.
Tim Hetherington (co-director of Restrepo) on video conference, with soldiers from the film on stage.
Buskers before the MoT finale film, Last Train Home.
T/F's Core Volunteers. Over 600 people volunteered for T/F this year.
Green screen dance scene at the volunteer party.
Don't forget to wash yourself off before you go home.

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