Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steve's Backpack

I think I'm getting pretty close to standardizing my backpack design. This one's a little bit better than my last one, and there's only so much further I can go. Ha.
15" across, 17" high, 7" thick. 1000d Cordura, acrylic-coated poly.

5" of fold-over. Loading handle: I've been loving mine on my pack. So convenient.
Three compression straps on the sides. We all know how well two straps worked on the bottom of Timbuk2s (when they had compression straps)...why would only two work on the side of a pack?
This has a chisel bottom (aka a wedge bottom). This directs the load towards your back, and keeps the bottom from sagging, so you don't need any compression straps on the bottom.
D-rings on the top compression straps for easy opening. I haven't yet put these on my own pack. They make life a lot easier. Ha.
Curved shoulder straps, removable/adjustable sternum strap. I personally like my sternum straps sewn to the pads, but this is a more adjustable system.
One-piece floating liner. Small inside pocket. Removable back pad/document pocket.

Removable side pockets:

Open bottom: fits the bottle better, and allows any water in the pocket to drain.

I like removable side pockets because they allow the compression straps to function independently from the side pockets...if you want 'em to. Some times your pack it going to be empty save for two water bottles (and you'll want to cinch it tight). And some times your pack is going to be completely full, and you'll still want to fit water bottles in the side pockets. And some times, you won't even want the side pockets there.
Leif Labs: we're all about the straps.

And Dennis, modeling the pack in the clover patch.

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that is beautiful. sign me up!