Thursday, September 13, 2007


Little Black Bags
15x12x4-5.5--9/07--Cordura & Sunbrella
Okay, so I have a new and improved musette design. This design is 99.9 percent ready to go. I'll be selling these pretty soon--fingers crossed. I just have to figure out how much to charge. Hmm. It takes me about eight hours to put one together at the moment...but hopefully I'll streamline my production a bit. Check out these two here. One's a bit thicker than the other, but otherwise they're pretty much the same.

Man, twill tape is the business--straight up! Takes corners like a champ.Corner detail...why is this picture so fuzzy? I'll have to take it again some time... Notice the compression cord there on the end of the strap--keeping things neat.
Hey, that's my sister there, taking a break from her Shibori to model for me. I didn't have the shoulder pad on this bag at the time, but it has a pretty simple double tri-glide pad. Snazzy.

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