Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Traffic Cone

Bright One
19x12x6--Cordura & Top Gun
Another attempt to perfect this size of bag ends in ruin. So it goes. I changed up the way the lip compresses on this bag--made it like the smaller bag, thinking it'd work just the same. Not so. Attaching the compression strap onto the main stap here leaves room for movement around the corners, with the lip potentially coming out from under the flap...or at least coming too close for my liking. It's fixable on this bag with some hand stitching...which I'll do later.

Nice earth tones for the liner.

Corner detail. Won't be seeing this again. Instead of sewing the end of the compression strap to the main strap, I'll sew it to the lip just inside the corner. I've done this with smaller bags with good results...and they should be even better with this size. Let's hope.

I moved the water bottle over a little bit. Now I won't hit my arm on it all the time. Of course, I haven't actually built the water bottle holder yet. You just see the strap that'll thread through the holder. Ha.

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Brianne said...

yummy, pretty colors!