Tuesday, September 18, 2007

See Me

Safety Stripe
19x12x6--9/07--Cordura nylon & Top Gun poly
Refining my nineteen-inch messenger bag here, and adding some new things. Though, this might be the last time I use this exact design. Every time I make a bag I think of a way to improve it...which is kinda frustrating in a way, 'cause every bag you make is flawed or obsolete from the get go. Or maybe it means every bag is unique and wonderful. Ha ha... Anyway, this bag is pretty much identical to the camo bag down below except for a few things:
One, as you can probably see, is that wonderful reflective stripe across the front. Sweet-ass two-inch yellow vinyl with a silver center. You can get yourself some from Identi-Tape in Golden, Colorado. They have a number of great sew-on reflective tapes. Bright, bright, bright.
Two: water bottle holder. My bottle's been leaking in my bag lately and fouling up my magazines--no good. So I made me a bottle holder. I originally had this sewn onto the bag but I changed my mind and ripped it off. Now it's attached with three one-inch tri-glides. Pretty nice. I don't know if this is the best place for it. I mean, it's the easiest place to get at it, sure. But is it gonna get in the way all the time. Hmm... And it makes it kinda look like a Mountainsmith pack. Ha. Okay, scroll down for more things.

Third alteration: Removable back pad--slash--document pocket. I've needed to do this for a while...I've just been lazy. Now you can remove the pad if your back's gettin' all sweaty...or you just have a fat back. This is a better design all around. Before I was just throwing the pad in between the liner and the shell and it would stay put pretty well but not super. And you really want padding at the bottom part of the back...so there: stay put! And I made the front pocket a little smaller...but not small enough, as it's kinda saggy.

Close up!

Grow!Bottom shot of the holder. If you're gonna have an external pocket that isn't covered by the flap it's a good idea to have drain holes or mesh on the bottom...unless you want your pockets to fill up with water when it rains. Plus this looks hella clean.

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