Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camera Pouch

I know I swore never to do another camera case...but I lied. Here's another one. And it's pretty damn cute to boot.

I really like little military pouches with the 3D lids, so this pouch is based off that idea.

I usually don't like sticking shoulder straps in seams, but this is such a small bag it doesn't matter.
Woops...guess I should've used a flash. The bag is padded on the sides and bottom with three pieces of foam. The white piece you can see there is sewn to the side seams, while the back and bottom pieces are fitted into pockets. This allows me to turn the bag inside out without losing too much coverage.


As you can see, this is a one-piece pattern.
Here, relax under this tree...


Mycologista said...

...but there is this specialized market, I'm sure, just sure of it--of hiker-people who must carry their small cameras around at all times, who could use a decent bag w/ one compartment for the camera and another for the other battery & lens-cleaning thing...an across-the-shoulder bag...and how I long for some kind of strap thing so that when my camera was OUT and around my neck that it wouldn't keep bashing against me with every step...

cory said...

yeah, I haven't explored the world of camera bags too much yet. I'm sure there's something out there though that would help with that. I've kinda wanted to make a pouch that hangs between your backpack straps--so it sits right above your stomach...the perfect place. If you've ever seen the TV series Africa Trek, they use these while walking across Africa. Pretty swift.