Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Babbitt (Laptop Bag)

Prototyping a 17-inch bag. This'll be a good laptop-, work-, or school bag. I hope.
I still need to tweak the dimensions a bit. This is 13" high and 4 inches thick. I think it could be shorter...though the thickness is good.
It comes with a padded back.

This bag is, of course, named after the Babbitt in Sinclair Lewis's 1922 novel--that indomitable businessman and ultimate conformist, Mr George F. Babbitt.

"They admired and loved one another now. They went profoundly into the science of business, and indicated that the purpose of manufacturing a plow or a brick was so that it might be sold. To them, the Romantic Hero was no longer the knight, the wandering poet, the cowpuncher, the aviator, nor the brave young district attorney, but the great sales-manager, who had an Analysis of Merchandizing Problems on his glass-topped desk, whose title of nobility was 'Go-getter,' and who devoted himself and all his young samurai to the cosmic purpose of Selling--not of selling anything in particular, for or to anybody in particular, but pure Selling."

"'At that, though,' announced the first, 'they're selling quite some booze in Zenith. Guess they are everywhere. I don't know how you fellows feel about prohibition, but the way it strikes me is that it's a mighty beneficial thing for the poor zob that hasn't got any will-power but for fellows like us, it's an infringement of personal liberty.'"

"Silent, they loafed on the edge of the wharf, swinging their legs above the water. The immense tenderness of the place sank into Babbitt, and he murmured, 'I'd just like to sit here--the rest of my life--and whittle--and sit. And never hear a typewriter. Or Stan Graff fussing in the 'phone. Or Rone and Ted Scrapping. Just sit. Gosh!'"

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