Thursday, July 22, 2010


Things are finally starting to come together here at Leif Labs.
I finally put a table extension on the 1541S table. And a pencil organizer. Pretty sweet.

It'd be nice to have an even bigger table extension...but I'm low on space and high on junk (that's in my room). Ideally, I would've got a 4x8 sheet of plywood, cut a sewing-table-sized hole in it and plonked it right down. Would've been awesome.
The 1541S has been sewing better since I replaced the hook assembly, though not perfectly. It still chatters sometimes when going over seatbelt webbing. Makes me nervous. Hopefully it just needs to break in.

Finally got rid of that black-tar belt on my 20U. Not only was it stinky, it was a little uneven, so it made the machine shake. This should be better.
Size 3L PowerTwist Plus link belt.
Extra-pocketed wallets.

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