Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye Scissors

Just got this hot momma in the mail. It's an electric fabric cutter...also known as a round cutter, rotary shears, electric minishear, hand-held electric fabric cutter, laser know.
Anyway, it cuts through Cordura like nobody's business.
I'm about to start a big project with a lot of cutting, so I thought I'd save my wrist and some time and get one of these for rough cutting.
This was the cheapest one I could find, as I'm not going to be doing that much production. This one was about 70 bucks. They go way up after that.
You can get 'em most any place that sells industrial sewing machines. I got this one from Westchester Sewing on the Web. They had the cheapest price, and the most helpful info.
This model seems to be rebranded by different shops. And it definitely comes from somewhere in the Orient, as evinced by the sweet instruction manual:
"1. The cutting brade should be iubicated with the machine oil of grade 30, once a day."
So cute!
Anyway, this seems to be a knock off of Consew's 503K: Look under Cutting Machines.

And the dopest-looking machines are from Eastman:

Of course, they're like 400+ bucks. Damn.

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