Tuesday, August 4, 2009


...in Toronto.
This is a right shoulder bag. 22x14", 15x7". Cordura & poly acrylic.

Note the side lash loops (above).
Added a divider pocket for larger envelopes & flat packages.

Kallisti. "For the most beautiful."


Hortense said...

Hey! Heather here. This is such a great bag. It's so sturdy and comfortable and I can carry a ton of stuff with no big deal.

I was just showing my friend your website because she wants to get you to make a bag for her. I'll get her to email you.


Hortense said...

This bag has been so good to me. I love it to pieces. It treated me really well through working as a courier. I'm still using it since I often carry lots of stuff and cycle everywhere.

My friend who I mentioned in my other comment decided a courier bag didn't make sense for her. I always boast about how great my bag is though, so hopefully I'll turn some people in your direction. And next time I buy a bag it'll be from you!


cory said...

Thanks Heather!
I'm glad you're still using it.