Saturday, August 29, 2009

Move Over, Betsy Ross

...Leif Labs is in town.
No, not really.
Anyway, I just made this for the CoMo Polo kids. It's about 3'x5' and made out of like a 70 denier ripstop nylon I bought at JoAnn fabrics.
It's an effing nightmare to do applique work with. So light and slippery. Sheesh.
I used a fairly wide zigzag to keep it from unravelling...'cause it's this fabric's wont to fray. But since it's so light it curls up in the zigzag. So I had to go back and stitch through the zigzag stitching to flatten it out. Pain. In. The. Ass. Ha. Whatever. It turned out pretty well.

By the bye, CoMo Polo is hosting the 7th Midwest Polo Champeenships round November 7th. Check out their Website for more info.

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