Friday, August 7, 2009

New Pannier, Part II

Here's the twin of a pannier I made last month.
13" high with a 9x6" bottom. Cordura nylon & acrylic-coated polyester.

Put a simple shoulder strap on this one.

Hardware from Jandd.

Floating liner.
I changed up the frame pocket on this one. I made it a lot simpler. Now it's just an open pocket with a little lip at the top, sewn onto the bag. The lip is one inch deep, and the frame board is one inch shorter than the depth of the pocket. So you put the board all the way in the pocket and then push it up under the lip. Super simple. You see this design in skateboard wrist guards.
Of course, the frame isn't the full length of the back, but I don't think it's a big deal.

And Velcro to cover the bolts, so they don't scratch up your stuff.


DAn said...

Hey Cory,
Would you mind giving me the dimensions of your plastic backer piece? I'm not quite sure what size to make it. And do you still like these panniers?

cory said...

The board frame is 8.75" wide and 12.5 to 13" tall, depending on how you do the inside pocket for the frame (if you go that route).
The dimensions of the the pannier are 9x13x6, which is a medium-sized pannier. Since all my panniers have gone on mountain bikes, I've made them a li'l skinny to ensure adequate foot clearance.

Unfortunately, the guy who owns these panniers moved outta town (like a punk) so I don't know how they're holding up. My dad's pannier, which is simpler, is holding up fine, and he abuses the the shit out of it.
Lemme know if you have any more questions.
Good luck!