Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just finished this. Six panel. Refined the bill a little bit. Lookin' good.


dennisandsong said...

Sweet hat. You got some rockin' stuff on your site. I really like all the tips you offer up, inspiring. One question, how do you get the binding so loook so nice around the curves?

cory said...

Thanks, d&s!
Lots of practice. And a really slow machine. Ha.
It also helps if you use super awesome binding tape, too.
Your typical grosgrain ribbon likes things flat, so it won't take curves readily. Though, a bias tape, or a light webbing with a herringbone weave will go around corners real nice.
I've been using a mil-spec webbing: Mil-W-4088 Type 2. It's tops.
I do all my binding freehand, as it were. I have a binding attachment, which is suppose to make things a snap, but I haven't had much luck with it. Most large companies have special binding machines that slap that stuff on for 'em. That'd be nice...