Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Simple Pannier

Man, I'm making all kinds of simple bags these days...that's what I call a bag that doesn't have a floating liner...or much of anything else. Ha.
Anyway, I made this for my dad, for gettin' groceries.
~15x13", 6x9" bottom. Cordura outer, acrylic/poly inner.

I'm trying the double fold flap design here with the all-around binding design. I think there might be too much material there at the corners, though. I like the double-fold for the panniers 'cause it makes the top pretty stiff when closed...but maybe I could just put some seatbelt webbing across there to to the same thing. Dunno. It works better with a floating liner, that's fo' sure.

Hardware from Jandd...and Ace Hardware (the bottom hook).
Using the simple sleeve design again for the board frame pocket. I should've used Cordura for the lip piece 'cause the packcloth is a little wimpy...but it shouldn't be a problem. See my previous pannier post for more on this.


Adela said...

Hi! I found your blog googling pannier patterns. I've just started toying with cycle touring and would be trying to make heavy duty panniers soon.
Wondering how the attachment system on your panniers work. Would you tell me how?

cory said...

Hey Adela,
I use a simple hook & bungee system.
I have two j-hooks at the top of the pannier (which are attached to the board frame inside the pannier) that hang onto the top of the rack, and a bungee cord that goes from the top hooks to a bottom hook or loop (depending on the rack type) that attaches to the bottom of the rack. The bungee cord keeps the rack from falling off on bumpy rides.
This is probably the cheapest system. If you want to go more heavy duty, you can buy Arkel hardware, which locks onto the rack.
Here're some more pictures of my panniers:
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Adela said...

Thanks Cory,

The late reply comes from having to finish uni exams first. Thanks, that was helpful. Probably going to try making the first set of panniers from repurposed material and try using old curtain racks for the support/attachment systems. I actually have an existing pair of panniers, which are too well abused to last much longer.

I'll definitely be looking through your site for other projects. It's interesting reading material.