Thursday, January 31, 2008

Small Shoulder Bag

Na na-na, na na-na. Cordura y Sunbrella. 15x12, 13x 4 (bottom)
Yeah, I changed up the design a little bit. Now the liner and shell are each made of one piece of fabric.

Oh Man! That Looks Like a Purse!

Here's a little bag I made for my friend Jessie. 12x9, I think. It's the missing link between the hip pack and the small messenger bag. Pretty cute.

Corner detail.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Argyle Courier: SAC

Cordura & Sunbrella 15x12, 13x4 (bottom)
This bag is at Maude Vintage, downtown CoMo. And SOLD! Woo.

Now you have a place to stick your cross strap when you're not using it. I thought about attaching to the adjacent side...but I think that configuration would be more prone to bike-seat and door-knob snags. Yee.I put another layer on the the shoulder pad. This makes it a bit stronger and cleaner lookin'. Though it's no longer radio-friendly. But, I can always put a piece of webbing on it...

Small Messenger Bag, Yo

1000 denier Cordura Nylon + Sunbrella acrylic 15x12, 13x4 (bottom)
Hot, hot, hot.
This bag is currently located at Maude Vintage in lovely downtown Columbia, Mo.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Shoulder Bag, Dude.

1000d Cordura e Sunbrella 15x12x4
Simple shoulder bag. Low-profile shoulder strap. I lowered the the buckles on the flap down to the edge like they are on the larger bags...that's the only change. Good times.

zoop doop a doopa doo.

Hip Packs!

Cordura y Top Gun 9x5, 2x7 (bottom)
Hip packs are sooo easy to make compared to my messenger bags. Geez. I could make like a hundred of these in a day...well, maybe like ten or so. Well, I'm a bit probably not. Ha.
Here in a little bit I'm going to make a pretty simple fifteen-inch bag in the hip pack style...which is to say, it's gonna look a lot like a Zo bag. Ha. Though It's gonna have an angled semi-suspended shoulder strap. Should be slick.

Another reason I haven't updated this blog (beside my camera not aworkin') is because I've been waiting for this sweet-ass binding tape to come in the mail. Yeah. It's a one-inch two-panel herringbone tape made outta nylon. Super flexie. I was using a four-panel tape before, which was working okay but not as well as I would've liked. This tape is a generic version of mil-W-4088 type 2 webbing. And half the price. And a little more true-black in color. And a little more flexible. Though, I found a place that sells small quantities of the mil-spec webbing in sweet colors, so I'll be ordering some from them in a bit. Woo! And I got this webbing here from my pals at Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, Inc. Special order. (They're not really my pals...but they are very nice.)
I'm surprised that more bag-makers aren't using this kind of binding tape for their flap edges. In fact, I think BagJack is the only other one who uses it (unless TimTim does on their imported bags...). As far as I can tell, most every one is using grosgrain ribbon. And it shows. But whatevs. Well how about that. No puckering.

Go Wallets!

Man, I've been so bad about updating my blog lately...yee. Though, the main reason is that every time I've finished a bag lately my camera's been dead. Mother--... I guess the batteries're getting old...or it's just so cold in my house they can't keep a charge. Ha. Anyway, here are some wallets I made: tryin' out some sweet top-stitching. Hopefully I'll be doing some more of this soon. And then there's one made out of 18oz PCV. Woo.