Sunday, July 12, 2015

Things to come

Another machine? Why not!

Hoop haus

1: My mom makes paper, which is a wet, messy process best done outside. Her cheap-ass canopy bit the dust last year, so she's looking for a replacement to stay outta the mulberry rain (and regular rain).
2: There are two dog kennels in the backyard collecting honeysuckle bushes.
3. The old-ass truck in the side yard is a warren of mosquito sex and sadness.

Solution: Build a 25-foot hoop house outta the dog kennels and cover everything up.

The dog kennels were made out of fence top rails. There weren't quite enough, so I picked up four more at the big box store, plus a dozen couplers.
I bent the tubing with my friend's HF pipe bender. Each hoop is three pieces: two sides with a bend in each, and an arch. I drove rebar into the ground to hold the hoops into place. I had enough kennel hardware to bolt everything together (luckily). And the canopy is a plastic tarp.
We'll see how she holds up.