Sunday, March 22, 2020

Singer 114W103

Here are some up-close photos of the mid-30s chainstitcher that I'm tuning up. One interesting thing (especially compared to my Consew 104) is that the Singer Simanco mark & part number is stamped on most every piece of this machine. Dunno if this is true for the entire US run ... but you do see a lot of "Singers" coming from overseas w/o this stamp. Even the casting here has a Simanco mark.

Cool slotted nipple to better eject fuzz.

Wonder if this isn't stock or if all the needle plates were coming from GB at this time.
Whoops. Turns out the Singer's base is a little bigger than the Consew's. :)

Winter bazaar

I made a bunch of stuff for the winter Berlin Bazaar last December. It was fun.

Working on my tote bag game a bit. Pretty clean.

These are made from old street banners. Thanks, library!

Even got some stickers printed! Finally sat down and made a usable logo.

Even had a rubber stamp made.


Wallets/random-stuff pouches.

Did a bunch of patches. Enjoying the athletic felt from NNW:

Most of them are one-line designs. Dang Cancer, gotta be difficult...

Not the best lighting in Cafe Berlin ... should bring my own next time. (Would also have more time for photos if I wasn't cutting out patches up to doors opening.) :)