Friday, September 7, 2012

Camera Bag

I've been working on this camera bag for a billion years and I finally powered through it. Phew. I think it turned out pretty well.

I haven't done the 3D flap a whole lot before...I like it.
Maybe used too thick a foam...a little stiff. Hopefully it'll break in.
Velcro-lined inside, movable partitions...the usual.

A tube to hold the camera so the lens doesn't rest on the bottom of the bag. It's nice having a narrow-arm cylinder machine. This is about its maximum thickness, though. I'll get a bigger one some day...

Juki Juki

I recently helped pick out an industrial sewing machine for my friend Jess. We decided on a Juki DDL-8700, which is a pretty simple medium-weight straight-stitch machine. It's commonly seen on serious-crafter blogs, and I think it's a great introduction into the world of industrial sewing.
I got this from Gregg at Keystone Sewing in Philly. Great customer service and price.

It came with a simple servo motor. I have a few of this type and this is my favorite design. Excellent slow-speed control.
Oh, who doesn't like a oil bath? We also got one of those neat lights that sits right above the needle. Genius design. I'll have to get some for my machines.

Jess'll be using this to make cute hats and li'l bags for knitting kits for Looped Yarn Works in DC. And maybe I can give her some projects I don't have time for. Ha.

Pedal Power

Came across this the other day on LeatherWorker:
Pretty cool.