Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wallets for Sale!

Okay, Leif Labs is opening its doors to custom wallet orders. We're starting small here.
Isn't that exciting?

These are simple wallets/coin pouches that slip inside themselves to close (we're gonna call that the origami fold), which is pretty neat. They also have a loop for keys or a lanyard or whatever lucky charms you want to hang on your wallet.

$13 shipped (anywhere). Or two for $20 (also shipped). If you want more than that, let me know and I'll give you a quote.

The wallets are made from two pieces of fabric: a one-piece shell, and an inside divider.
So you get to choose two colors. (And the only binding color I have for these right now is black.)

Send me an email at coryleif@gmail.com with what you want. And I'll say okay I can do that, and then you send me some money via PayPal. Easy as that.

These are most of the colors I have (off the top of my head) in 1000d Cordura nylon.
(If you want me to send you a random color, I might use some Sunbrella acrylic for the inside.)
If you don't see the color you want and you think I should carry it, lemme know and I might order some next time I buy fabric.

Blue (navy &royal)
Light grey
Green (light olive)
Blaze orange
Pumpkin orange
Digicam (light and dark)
Light bronze

I also have some cotton duck you can choose from (these'll soak up water, be advised):
Carhartt brown
Dark brown
Dark green (like a black forest)

And some waxed cotton! in dark brown, which would make a pretty sweet wallet, I think.

Or you can get a random wallet of my choosing. I'll try not to make it too ugly. Ha.

Look at all the goods you can fit in there.

Two pieces for simplicity and strength. Yeah!
All edges are bound. That's how we do it at Leif Labs.

Let me know if you've got any questions about things.

Buyin' Shtuff

So I have a feeling that my Xtracycle's wheels are gonna be going out of true a lot, what with me carrying people on it and all. So I bought myself a pro truing stand from Park Tool. I've been lusting after one of these for years...and when I was drunk at the computer the other day I said, Shit! I'll just buy one. And I did.
That was a lie. I wasn't drunk...I don't think.
Anyway, now I've got one, and a dish gauge and I'm ready to go. Bring me your wobbly wheels.
I can't build wheels yet, though. I don't have a spoke tension meter...that was like another sixty bucks and I drew the line there. Besides, I don't need any wheels right now. Maybe later. We'll see.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cover That Up!

Prototyping a laptop sleeve...
This is for a 13" MacBook. The outside dimensions come to about 14x10x2".
Cordura nylon, untreated Sunbrella acrylic, and some 1/2" foam.
Looks pretty sharp from this side...but...
Now it kinda looks like a bourgie goth handbag. Haha... Anyway, those are elastic-topped 3D pockets for your wires and other bits. Pretty snazz.


This is what the foam looks like. It's 1/2 camp pad foam. The foam liner is made of three pieces: one big piece that wraps around the whole computer from the bottom up and two skinny pieces on the ends. The end pieces kind of float within the sleeve. This way they can overlap with the main piece and prevent any gaps from forming...ideally. The shell should be tight enough around the foam to keep them in place. And because of the way the liner folds within the sleeve, there's also an extra layer of fabric on the sides for super ding protection.
We'll see how this holds up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Pannier

Here's my new pannier design.
It's the same size as all my other panniers: 15" across the top, 13 inches high, with a 6x9" bottom. 1000d Cordura nylon & Top Gun poly. The main difference is how the board frame is attached to the bag, which you'll see below.

Used the new Jet buckles from ITW Nexus/Fastex. Put some strap-retention elastic under the flap straps.
I haven't finished the back yet...I forgot to ask my friend if he needs a loop or hook at the end of the elastic/webbing thing.
Floating liner.
Made the front part a little shorter so I could make a curved flap. I think it's worth it. Ha.
So this is new. I've made the frame pocket with a Velcro flap so I can attach the board frame (Masonite pegboard) after I sew the pannier together. This allows me to make a curved flap, since I'll be able to turn the bag inside out. On my other panniers I sewed the board to the liner before I sewed it together, which was easier, but meant I couldn't turn the liner inside out. Though, now it's easier to punch holes through all the layers of fabric (for the screws), since I can do it before I turn the fabric into bags. So much easier now!

Bonus Section!
Here's a tiny coin purse.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simple Bag

Prototyping a 15-inch messenger bag. Something I could make fairly quick...but isn't crap. I think this is a pretty good start.
This is a pattern that I've mentioned in previous DIY messenger bag posts. Like this one:
And this one:

I think I called it the Basic or the Basic Plus...something like that. It's just a plain-Jane one-piece bag...no floating liner, no padded strap, and just one small pocket. It does have a key loop, though. Or at least that's what I use it for...
15x12", 12x3" bottom. One inside DVD-sized pocket. Cotton duck outer and acrylic liner.
The picture shows it with a tri-glide on the strap...if you can see that. I switched it out for an adjustable buckle after I took this photo. Not having a bag you can adjust easily is pretty annoying...especially if you're used to having it.
Added a stitch here on both sides, to keep the front of the bag from poking out the sides. Not a must, but makes for a cleaner bag.
Here's an easy way to attach a shoulder strap to a bag (if you just read the DIY pattern post and were wondering...). The angled strap wraps around your body better. That's a good thing.
Passes the six-pack test.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cap That

Just made this li'l hat out of a pant leg. Now I have some new shorts and a hat. Sweet.

Put some paint on there, too.