Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simple Bag

Prototyping a 15-inch messenger bag. Something I could make fairly quick...but isn't crap. I think this is a pretty good start.
This is a pattern that I've mentioned in previous DIY messenger bag posts. Like this one:
And this one:

I think I called it the Basic or the Basic Plus...something like that. It's just a plain-Jane one-piece floating liner, no padded strap, and just one small pocket. It does have a key loop, though. Or at least that's what I use it for...
15x12", 12x3" bottom. One inside DVD-sized pocket. Cotton duck outer and acrylic liner.
The picture shows it with a tri-glide on the strap...if you can see that. I switched it out for an adjustable buckle after I took this photo. Not having a bag you can adjust easily is pretty annoying...especially if you're used to having it.
Added a stitch here on both sides, to keep the front of the bag from poking out the sides. Not a must, but makes for a cleaner bag.
Here's an easy way to attach a shoulder strap to a bag (if you just read the DIY pattern post and were wondering...). The angled strap wraps around your body better. That's a good thing.
Passes the six-pack test.


Sophie said...

Bag looks good!

Do you mind telling me where you buy your straps and clips? I have been salvaging mine from old bags and I'm running out!

cory said...

Thanks, Sophie!
Yeah, I get my seat belt webbing from Perfect Fit, and I get my one-inch flat weave nylon webbing & buckles from OWF Inc. See my Website links page: