Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Pannier

Here's my new pannier design.
It's the same size as all my other panniers: 15" across the top, 13 inches high, with a 6x9" bottom. 1000d Cordura nylon & Top Gun poly. The main difference is how the board frame is attached to the bag, which you'll see below.

Used the new Jet buckles from ITW Nexus/Fastex. Put some strap-retention elastic under the flap straps.
I haven't finished the back yet...I forgot to ask my friend if he needs a loop or hook at the end of the elastic/webbing thing.
Floating liner.
Made the front part a little shorter so I could make a curved flap. I think it's worth it. Ha.
So this is new. I've made the frame pocket with a Velcro flap so I can attach the board frame (Masonite pegboard) after I sew the pannier together. This allows me to make a curved flap, since I'll be able to turn the bag inside out. On my other panniers I sewed the board to the liner before I sewed it together, which was easier, but meant I couldn't turn the liner inside out. Though, now it's easier to punch holes through all the layers of fabric (for the screws), since I can do it before I turn the fabric into bags. So much easier now!

Bonus Section!
Here's a tiny coin purse.

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