Friday, August 9, 2019

Backpack strap repair

Got a classic strap blowout here. Whenever you put a strap in a seam and don't tie it to an adjacent panel, it's very likely to pull the seam apart eventually, as it's done here:

This bag actually had some bartacks to tie the strap to the back panel. Unfortunately, the seam allowance that the straps are in is very small (1/2") relative to the thickness (it's lined and seam-taped, so there're ten layers at one point) and one bartack completely missed the end of the strap. The bartacks also weren't installed in a way that transferred the load from the strap to the back panel, so the seam failed anyway.

Other contributing factors: The thread is shit, and there weren't enough stitches per inch. Also, the fabric doesn't have the tightest weave, which helped it fray at the end and pull out of the stitches after the main seam failed.

Took everything mostly apart on the blown strap and resewed it, and reinforced the other strap. This pack is a fully padded camera bag so it was nice to have the post-bed machine. I had started sewing it on a flat-bed, but it got too hard to keep the bag in place.

 Finally, sewing the straps to the back panel.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Digging in the dirt

I guess I forgot to post this last year... One of the reasons I haven't been sewing more stuff lately is that I'm trying to focus on various home projects. We have an old-ass house and when the dudes put in the central-air ductwork however many decades ago they laid the ducts on the ground. Well, there's no vapor barrier in the crawlspace (yet), so the ducts now have holes in them. And the crawlspace is so tight, I have to remove dirt to get to where I need to go to fix the duct (I'm not pulling up the floor). It's a slow, exhausting process, and I tend to do it in the winter because overheating is an issue ... and all the animals that might be down there are slower. So, here's a video of me hauling out some dirt: