Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In the wild

 David's bag at Lake Hiyaha.

Phil's wallet at Glacier National Park.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bag cover

We recently went on a trip, and I made a roll-top backpack cover so my bag wouldn't get chewed up in the checked-baggage mayhem.
Tried out some new construction techniques with my new post-bed machine 'cause, you know, why not: felled seams; curved, webbing-covered seams. Not bad.

Consew 289RB-1

Picked up a post-bed machine from Nick-O Sew a while back and been setting it up to my liking. Pretty excited about the different kinds of construction methods I can use now.
I believe the 289 is the post-bed version of the 255, which is Consew's fancier flat-bed upholstery machine (the 206 being their standard machine).
This is a used machine (from the Seiko era), but it's still in production.

Needle-feed, walking-foot, of course. Size U bobbin, methinks. It's slightly bigger that the M bobbin that many of my other machines use.

Instead of a stitch-length dial, you press a button on the bed and turn the handwheel. 

I love this thread guide.

Nice hinged door to the needle-bar stuff. I wish more machines had this feature.

Been practicing making tiny half-totes.