Sunday, September 16, 2018

Darning cone

Finally finished the darning cone for my Consew 207. Been sanding on it all summer. There are times when it's nice to have a bit more support on the left of the needle and that's where the cone comes in. I made it a bit fatter and longer to fit my hands. We'll see how it works.

These are hard to find sometimes, so I figured I'd make my own out of some wood and a Consew 227 end cover I sourced online.

While I was making mine, all sorts of cones started popping up on Facebook and Instagram. People are even fabricating new cones (see below) and 3D printing them. 2018 may be the year of the darner.

Float yer boat, take two

We did Float Your Boat again this spring, our area food bank's annual cardboard boat fundraiser. We learned a lot from last year and this time took home second place in the race. We were also the fastest four-person boat.
This year we decided to keep things simple and made a jon boat, which is what a lot of the kid teams do.

 Thanks again to Walt's Bike Shop for the boxes.

We named her Kon-Liki and went with a Viking-inspired paint job.

 Race day!
Two "no glue, no paint" boats. This one taco'd immediately.

 That's a big boat!

Long and narrow.

A fellow jon boat. It's always great how many kids'll fit into these.

Long and narrow makes for some close calls.

 Got a roll over!

I believe this is the third year for this same boat. Just let it dry out and add more paint.

 The fastest boat.

 Here comes Kon-Liki! No leaks, just pure power. :)

 In the drink! I believe Keep Calm righted and won their heat.

 Got a submarine!

 Pro tip: sails look cool but if there's a headwind, watch out!

Bye, Kon-Liki!