Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Consew 207

Back in December I made an impulse buy on the eBay and now I have a Consew 207 darning machine. It's a copy of the Singer 47w70 -- a machine you often see in haute denim shops. In my excitement, I failed to notice that the machine was missing the base (who knows where it came from and what they were doing with it...). So, this is what it looks like when you've run out of table space (mounted on my Singer 20U table) and you have a cylinder-bed machine w/o a base:

 Kinda silly, but it works.

Gonna take some practice to get good. The machine uses a somewhat-obscure 126x3 needle system (no scarf!). Fortunately, Universal Sewing has them on their website (special order) in sizes 14 & 18. It came with an 18, which is too big for the thread I'm using. I have some 14s coming. [Update: Burned again by US. They say what I ordered is no longer made. Got some 126x9 from CTS USA, which work fine.]

The Singers often have the darning cone end-cover thing on 'em, which makes controlling the fabric easier. Need to figure out how to cobble one together.

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