Sunday, September 16, 2018

Float yer boat, take two

We did Float Your Boat again this spring, our area food bank's annual cardboard boat fundraiser. We learned a lot from last year and this time took home second place in the race. We were also the fastest four-person boat.
This year we decided to keep things simple and made a jon boat, which is what a lot of the kid teams do.

 Thanks again to Walt's Bike Shop for the boxes.

We named her Kon-Liki and went with a Viking-inspired paint job.

 Race day!
Two "no glue, no paint" boats. This one taco'd immediately.

 That's a big boat!

Long and narrow.

A fellow jon boat. It's always great how many kids'll fit into these.

Long and narrow makes for some close calls.

 Got a roll over!

I believe this is the third year for this same boat. Just let it dry out and add more paint.

 The fastest boat.

 Here comes Kon-Liki! No leaks, just pure power. :)

 In the drink! I believe Keep Calm righted and won their heat.

 Got a submarine!

 Pro tip: sails look cool but if there's a headwind, watch out!

Bye, Kon-Liki!

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