Friday, January 18, 2008

Hip Packs!

Cordura y Top Gun 9x5, 2x7 (bottom)
Hip packs are sooo easy to make compared to my messenger bags. Geez. I could make like a hundred of these in a day...well, maybe like ten or so. Well, I'm a bit probably not. Ha.
Here in a little bit I'm going to make a pretty simple fifteen-inch bag in the hip pack style...which is to say, it's gonna look a lot like a Zo bag. Ha. Though It's gonna have an angled semi-suspended shoulder strap. Should be slick.

Another reason I haven't updated this blog (beside my camera not aworkin') is because I've been waiting for this sweet-ass binding tape to come in the mail. Yeah. It's a one-inch two-panel herringbone tape made outta nylon. Super flexie. I was using a four-panel tape before, which was working okay but not as well as I would've liked. This tape is a generic version of mil-W-4088 type 2 webbing. And half the price. And a little more true-black in color. And a little more flexible. Though, I found a place that sells small quantities of the mil-spec webbing in sweet colors, so I'll be ordering some from them in a bit. Woo! And I got this webbing here from my pals at Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics, Inc. Special order. (They're not really my pals...but they are very nice.)
I'm surprised that more bag-makers aren't using this kind of binding tape for their flap edges. In fact, I think BagJack is the only other one who uses it (unless TimTim does on their imported bags...). As far as I can tell, most every one is using grosgrain ribbon. And it shows. But whatevs. Well how about that. No puckering.


Unknown said...

I would like to know the size(? x ? x ? ) of the hip packs please. I did not see this information on web page.

cory said...

9 inches across the top, 5" deep, 2" thick at the bottom, and 7" across the bottom. More questions: Thanks.

Nigel said...

this binding tape looks awesome! i went to OWF but couldn't find this particular tape. could you tell me if this is the tape you used? i found this tape under HARDWARE/NOTIONS/TWILL TAPE/ CODE TN1BL?
any info would be great! thnx

cory said...

Thanks, Nigel.
If it's not the same, it's very close. Five years ago it was a special order for them. Glad they have it in stock now.
If you're looking for more colors in small quantities, you can get it here too:
4088 Type 2 webbing.
Hope this helps.

Nigel said...

Thanks Cory! Keep up the awesome work!