Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hobo Accordian Moon Bag

All right, new backpack. Let's see...this is my third top-loading pack. It kind of has an unfinished look since I didn't put a flap on it, but whatev. Who needs a flap.
I'm trying straight, skinny, flexible shoulder pads this time...instead of fat curved ones.

Nothing poking out top to block your line of sight whilst biking. Yeah.

A roll-top maybe? I probably should've sewn a strap that comes over the top...but I got tired of sewing straps onto this bag. Ha.

Ah, strap placement...what a pain in the ass. Ha. There's a balance or sorts here, between pack width and least in my opinion. The closer the straps are together, the better the fit. The wider the top of the pack, the more crap you can fit in your bag. Depending on your anatomy, there's an optimal distance between the shoulder straps. I usually put the straps too far apart, 'cause I suck...see below. So on this bag I put 'em an inch apart to be safe.
Yeah, so I put these straps on too far apart because I didn't want the flap to bend back all goofy-like when I was wearing it...but the flaps always look goofy on these kinda bags...
This pack actually feels pretty good when there's not a lot of stuff in it, but once it's full, the straps sit pretty far out on my shoulders...which doesn't feel too good. Ha.


Oh, here's a cute Japanese messenger bag site I found via Lazy Monk.

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