Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Sewing Machine!

After sewing with this for a little while I can tell you this:
This is not a good machine for sewing messenger bags. It's feeding capabilities, while "advanced," are not as good as my Sailrite Ultrafeed's, which is unfortunate, 'cause it cost three times as many bones. I just made a tool pouch where I stitched a 1000d Cordura pleated pocket and the Pro could not climb the folds. I had to use my Ultrafeed to finish the bag...with no problem whatsoever. (I will very quietly scream "fuck" right now.)

I imagine this machine will, however, be a kick-ass applique machine...whenever I get another table and motor for it. I have a Singer 111w-155 (facsimile) walking foot/needle-feed machine in the mail right now that will be taking it's place in my sewing corner. It's suppose to be a classically awesome machine. Expect a review of that machine sometime soon.

I know, I know...I should've just got a needle-feed JUKI like everyone else (e.g. the JUKI DNU 1541S)...but I wanted a machine that could do everything. But I've sadly realized that in the industrial world no such machine exists. Zigzag machines make shitty straight-stitch machines. So it goes.

FYI, the Sailrite Pro is the same as the Tacsew T146B and a handful of other machine, which I'll list on another post (when I'm talking about my new new machine). The only machine that Sailrite actually "manufactures" is their Ultrafeed series...which are great little machines. Unfortunately they're not true industrial machines...more like domestic machines full of meth: they get the job done, but if you use 'em long enough, you go crazy and your teeth fall out. Ha. I think that analogy needs some work...

Lucky for me I'm independently wealthy and I can afford to spend the big bucks and buy whatever sewing machine passes my*sigh*

Happy trails from the Laboratories.


Woo woo. I decided it was time to go bigger, stronger, faster when Sailrite offered free shipping on their sewing machines. Damn...I'm a sucker for free shipping.
Behold! The Sailrite Professional:

I've been using a Sailrite Ultrafeed zigzag machine for the last four years, which I've been pretty happy with. The Professional is like its older brother.
I was thinking of getting a Juki for a while, but I don't think they make a zigzag walking foot machine (or I couldn't find one), which I really like having. Plus Sailrite provides amazing service for their machines and is committed to DIY sewing and maintenance...which is sweet.

I'm really excited about having a reverse lever and big bobbins. Yeah! And a thread-length knob, too...though its action isn't as smooth as I'd like...maybe I just have to break it in... Walk! foot, walk!

The foot height isn't amazing--about 8mm, just a hair more than the Ultrafeed's--but it does the job.

This is the motor I got for the machine...well, this is is a picture of the speed control box... Made in the USA for Sailrite. I'm always surprised when electronic stuff is made in the States...ha.
Great slow-speed control...and it gets fast real quick, which I'm not quite used to yet. Yee. And it's quiet. I've never used a clutch motor and I don't know if I want to.

I'll still be using my Ultrafeed, though. It has a more convenient zipper foot. So it goes.

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Unknown said...

well done on your new machine(swoons) . it took me a few months to learn what walking foot is, and soon after, why i need a machine with one built in :)

do leave further reviews about your new toy!