Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here's my version of the increasingly popular chip-bag backpack. 15x17x7.
Cordura & Top Gun. I think it turned out pretty well.

Love the wedged bottom.
Small side pockets for a pump or bayonet or whatever.

Straps galore.
I'm likin' these shoulder straps okay. I've been using them on my own backpack for a while, and they're good riding straps. They're two inches wide, which is the classic Jansport/Eastpak width...but for a hiking bag, you'd probably want to go wider...unless you're tiny.

Double bottom.

Removable padded back/doc poc.

Ah! which way is up?

Almost done.From paper to fabric.

And here are the dimensions of the pattern. NOTE: This doesn't have the seam allowance added, so if you're gonna make it, take that into account. I use a three-quarters inch SA, but I think half-inch is pretty standard.
And the side view. The arrows are where I put my compression straps.


Meredith said...

this is a pretty nice backpack, better than the earlier versions. At least in the pictures.

goldscott said...

I dig that bag a lot. What are the interior dimensions (i.e. capacity)?

Any chance you could post the measurements of the pattern?

Thanks mate.

cory said...

Dimensions are posted. It's roughly 15x7x17...though it has a tapered bottom, so it's slightly smaller. That's when the bag is totally closed. It can open up another five inches with full flap coverage. As far as backpacks go, this is a really easy one to just requires a lot of compression straps to keep its shape.

goldscott said...

Thanks a lot! I'll definitely be making a backpack similar to this. How does the wedged bottom work out? (because I find that an attractive design feature)

cory said...

I'm likin' the wedged bottom. Makes bottom compression straps unnecessary and, in theory, keeps your load close to your back. You lose a bit of volume, but I think the advantages are worth it.
Lemme know if you have any more questions when you start your bag.