Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, I finally made a saddle bag. Woo woo! I based the size off an old Cannondale set I have. It has a 9x6 base and it's 13 inches high, folded. Unfurled it's 21 inches high. I'm pretty happy with it. I was going for super simple...and that's what it is. 1000d Cordura shell with Top Gun liner.

I put compression straps on the sides so I can fold it up like a lunch bag. This is probably unnecessary...but it might prove to be a useful feature when carrying really long things. We'll see.I got my hooks from Jandd ( for like two bucks apiece. Not bad. Most pannier makers also sell their hardware too (which is awesome). See also Ortlieb (, Arkel (, and Axiom ( for some other hooks. Pretty simple setup. I probably need to bolt the bottom strap to the frame 'cause it's a little loose otherwise. I have a metal loop on the end of the bungee cord there. (You can't see it 'cause it's behind that strap.) I found it in my junk drawer. I think it was attached to something that came out of a cereal box.
Side view!

I used Masonite pegboard for the frame. It's pretty tough and not too heavy, and most importantly, easy to get. I've been looking for some super-strong corrugated plastic, but haven't had any luck. Hmm.
And I covered the bolt ends with some Velcro so they won't scratch my precious goods.
And, yes, that's a floating liner in there...sans the bolt holes. They shouldn't leak too bad, I hope.

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