Friday, March 19, 2010

Buck, Broncho, Buck!

This bag is being donated to the Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School benefit showing of Buster Keaton's Go West (1925) with live soundtrack by Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra (out of St. Louis). That's going on tomorrow at the Missouri Theatre. I saw Go West with Rats & People accompaniment some time last year at our local art house theater, Ragtag, and it was a lot of fun.
And, yes, we have an elementary school named after Robert E. Lee. But we also have one named after Ulysses S. Grant. Sometimes they have fits.Trying out another pattern for my 15" musette bag. This one is sans binding. Since both the outside & inside fabrics are pretty light (for bags) this works out okay. Otherwise, the bag would be too thick where the flap and body meet at the corner...making it hard to attach the shoulder strap the way I do. This is also ~10oz cotton, like the previous musette bag on this blog.
The shell is one piece, but the liner is two...a necessary concession for a bindingless bag.
Another Muppet-mouth front pocket. This is just like my zippered front pockets, but with no zipper.
No binding! Thank god. Ha. Binding is a real pain to attach on lighter fabrics.
Oh, this bag is dedicated to my sister. She has a real horse obsession. Ha. This is a pastel piece she made for me a couple years ago:
Sorry about the glare. I hope she took a picture before she framed it...

Catchin' a ride.
As you might expect, I was extremely tickled to see the Bruce McCall painting "Chimp Rides Goat" in Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World (2007). Ha.

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