Monday, April 5, 2010


I finally made myself a decent everyday pack. I mean, the Moon Bag was okay...but it wasn't really water resistant. [On a side note: Blue Lug is making a similar Moon Bag called the Owl. Get one here.]
This one is almost identical to the Rex, but slightly smaller (14x16x7" vs 15x17x7") and with a floating liner, curved shoulder straps, and without some other things--just the essentials here.
1000d nylon outside, Top Gun poly inside. The middle compression straps are side-release buckles so it should be pretty easy to strap wheels to this pack.
Added a loading handle to the front, which really comes in handy when getting anything in your bag. I'm a big fan of handles on backpacks. But really, who isn't?
Half-inch curved shoulder straps. This is a new pattern for me (old shape). It was a little too hard to make, so I'll be trying something different next time. It turned out pretty okay, though. If you're making your own backpack, the trick with shoulder straps is in the spacing. Too close together and you can get neck rub if you wear the pack real high. Too far apart and your bag'll want to slide off your shoulders. I've made some packs where I did this and it's super annoying. These are spaced at about 3 inches.
Laminate construction.
I think I used five shades of blue on this pack. Ha.

Action Shots!
This is the pack almost fully loaded: a lightweight sleeping bag, pad, and three days' clothes.
It'll expand five inches upwards with complete coverage.

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