Monday, May 3, 2010

Win a Musette Bag!

>>>Update<<< The bag has been spoken for.
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Well...maybe "win" is the wrong word...
My friends are raising money for their friend's son, who has a rare respiratory disease. The money will go towards medical travel expenses.

Learn about their efforts here: Running For Ayrie.

So...the first person to donate 50 dollars gets a coupon for one free musette bag (aka a tiny messenger bag) made by me.
This is a semi-custom bag, so you get to choose the fabric color (from what I have on hand) and something simple to be appliqued on the bag's flap. I'm thinking simple shapes, like stars, clouds, squares, half moons, and such. No names or anything too complicated...unless your name is Al, or Oz.

Your bag'll look something like this:
Sans horse.

These are nice little everyday bags, for when you don't need to carry too much stuff.
They measure about 15" (across the top) by 11" (deep) by 3" (thick, at the bottom).
They have one outside front pocket, and one inside pocket with pen slot.
If you ask nicely, I can change up or add more pockets...within design reason.
They will be made outta Cordura nylon, or cotton duck--your choice.

I'm not taking orders for custom bags right now, so this is a unique opportunity to get a semi-custom bag.

Again, visit Running For Ayrie to support a good cause.
Learn about how these bags are made and designed here.
And if this is your first visit to this blog, learn about Leif Labs here.
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