Monday, June 28, 2010


Just made a whole messa wallets/coin pouches. If you want one, send me an email or take a trip to Maude V or The Butterfly Tattoo, downtown Columbia.
Sorry about the solitary so-so photo. I had to catch a World Cup game and then drop these off.
As you can sorta see, I've been doing some embroidering with my 20U. Got some neat designs, I think.

Also, here's another shot of my new card wallet:

With recycled bike tube pockets. Leif Labs cares.


SlyDog said...

Hey, sweet bags and other cool stuff (and website)! I'm learning a lot about machines, fabrics, and techniques (I even went went into a fabric shop the other day, it was cool, and there were more ladies hanging out there than at the local bike shop - score!) Any tips for someone interested in having some small fabric brand labels made? Thanks for all the great info.

cory said...

Ha. Thanks.
First of all, expect to spend a few hundred bucks (or more) if you're looking for woven labels.
I got my labels from BCI...but I think a lot more companies have popped up on the Internets since I got mine.
If you wanna go the cheap route, screen printing on cotton webbing is sweet...or even Sharpie. I'm not sure how serious your ambitions are...