Friday, February 18, 2011

Jellyfish Camera Bag

Here's another sea creature...this time on a 15-inch bag. 15x11, 11.5x3.5

Removable padding for cameras 'n' stuff.

The Singer 20U is pretty good at making squiggly lines.


Unknown said...

That is beautiful! I also have a 20u, but had to gear it down because it ran too fast for my amateur hands.

What needle types and thread do you use for your brilliant applique?

cory said...

Yeah, I need to get a smaller pulley for my motor...even though I have a servo motor. Sometimes it still goes too fast.
I use Isacord polyester embroidery thread and regular size-14 needles.

Unknown said...

Hi! This bag is awesome. I just wanted to say that your blog and website have been SO helpful to me. I make purses and bags in Vermont and have a Juki1541s. I struggled with finding the right thread, supplies and hardware for almost a year until I found your blog. Thanks so much for being so open about your sources. It has made everything a little less of a pain in the ass! I really appreciate it more than you know! Keep up the great work! - Tessa

cory said...

Thanks, Tessa!
Glad I could help.
Happy sewing.

Benjo said...

Sei bravissimo!

Hortense said...

I can't get over how great you are with images. This is a beauty.

Suki said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. The jellyfish is gorgeoussuperamazinglyfantastic!