Friday, August 19, 2011

Boone Dawdle Bag

Well, looks like I haven't forgot how to make a bag...
This 19incher is a raffle prize for the True/False Film Fest's summer event, the Boone Dawdle...which happens tomorrow.
I think the bag turned out pretty nice.
Goldberg reel + chain ring.

Photos from the Dawdle:

Rails to Trails.



It was a fun-filled fifteen-mile ride out to Missouri wine country. There was a nice light rain most of the time, which magically cleared for a screening of Last Days Here, a Sundance doc about the ups & downs of doom-metal rocker Bobby Liebling. Lights passed silently behind the screen from Interstate 70, cell phone towers did what they do, the engorged Missouri River flowed east, we ate corn on sticks and drank beer, and we all laughed when Bobby lost a crack rock in his parents' couch.
Good times.

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